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Last week, business partners, participants and their whānau came together to celebrate six months of the HIKO E-bike Pilot Project. We heard from some of the participants about their journey and experiences on the e-bikes and the benefits of greater physical and mental wellbeing, connection to their community and local environment while reducing their impact on te taiao.

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The name HIKO was gifted to the pilot project which has traditional elements applied to what we do in everyday life today. HIKO is a tohu to the people in this area and signifies the connection between their whakapapa, matauranga and their way of thinking about their people while also referring to the heavens and lightning or electricity (like the e-bike).


“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and will continue to use the e-bike as my main form of transport to work in Wellington City and back home in Wainuiomata”.

“Getting on the e-bike has got me out of the house - I've been struggling with my mental health, and I was constantly staying in my room, but HIKO has helped me get out and about. Thank you to the providers and supporters of this programme, it has now given me an outlet and a light to go and do other things".

“To me, this is not just a bike, it's my health machine that allows me to exercise regularly, pain free and I enjoy the social aspect where I get to ride with like-minded people”.

“Having the opportunity to take part in this project has allowed me to start my day feeling rejuvenated and motivated to take better care of myself for my whānau, especially my children and my mokos”.

Participants and partners sharing their e-bike journeys at the HIKO Pilot Project celebration event

HIKO has created a healthier, more sustainable and active lifestyle amongst Māori and pacific island whānau in Wainuiomata. The positive impact it has had on the participants and their whānau has resulted in a six-month extension!

Through this mahi, we’ll continue to drive a culture shift by showing the community what’s possible and removing barriers to active transport. Great technology such as the e-bikes is something that should be accessible to all of our people and HIKO is an awesome kaupapa driving towards that.

More of our learnings, insights and our community’s voice will be shared soon, with the aim of influencing change at a national level that can benefit all of Aotearoa.

Healthy Families – Hutt Valley He orange whānau – 1 March 2023

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