Whai Oranga O Te Iwi Health & Dental Centre

We are a community owned and orientated service that delivers a community development model of healthcare in Wainuiomata. Health promotion and education is delivered in conjunction with the medical model of healthcare. Whai Oranga O Te Iwi Health & Dental Centre provides services for a significant proportion of Māori ad Pacific people and Commuity Service Cardholders. The Health Centre was opened in June 2001.


Wharenui A powerful symbol of manaakitanga, caring for people physically and spiritually, this is the essence of Hauora Māori. The whare also represents the Whai Oranga organisation who watch over the people and care for their wellbeing.

Koru The two koru in the centre represents the people who will be using the services and seeking help.

Designer Tawhiti John Joseph Kingi, October 2001

Background to the establishment of Whai Oranga

Whai Oranga o Te Iwi Health Centre was officially opened on Saturday 24 November 2001 by Trevor Mallard, Winnie Laban and Parekura Horomia at 19-21 Norfolk Street, Wainuiomata.  The service was set up in the Arakura area to provide a wider range of low cost health care services and encourage more preventative care. The new centre was established on the initiative of Kokiri Marae in Seaview.  This was prompted by the loss of the Wainuiomata after hours medical services and the results of a survey of 800 Wainuiomata residents who wanted an affordable service in the community.

Dr Matire Harwood and Dr Salina Lupati were our first part-time doctors and they started on the 10th December 2001.

In 2002, Whai Oranga expanded its GP services and opened a second site in Queen Street and took over the care of Dr Hedge’s patients.  He had provided the community with 36 years of continuous GP care.

In 2004, both services were merged and moved from Norfolk Street and Queen Street to The Strand, Wainuiomata.   

In January 2005, Whai Oranga Health Centre launched their dental unit (Oranga Niho Centre), to offer lower cost dental care.

Teresea Olsen was the driving force behind establishing our service.  The seed was sown by Teresea Olsen and a handful of loyal and dedicated supporters that believed in their vision.

A quote from Teresea Olsen:

‘From a dream to reality the continued rise of the service, from little things big things grow’

How to contact us

Ring our reception team on (04) 564 6966 to make an appointment.

Our number(04) 564 6966 is answered 8.30- 5pm Monday to Friday. Should you require medical advice outside of these hours, please call Healthline on 0800 611 116 or call the Lower Hutt After Hours Medical Centre (04) 567 5345

If it’s an EMERGENCY and you or someone else needs IMMEDIATE medical attention, then ring 111 straight away.

Phone 0508 KOKIRI - [email protected]

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